Free Clinics

Free clinics are nonprofit organizations that use volunteer health professions to provide free health care to uninsured persons.  Often they are sponsored by either a church or a hospital.

Cabrini Clinic, founded in 1950, is the oldest free clinic in the nation.

There are approximately 50 free clinics across Michigan, and more than 1,200 across the nation.

FCOM-LogoIn Michigan, free clinics have organized into a network called the Free Clinics of Michigan (FCOM).  Cabrini Clinic is an active member of FCOM.  See


The National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (NAFC) outside of Washington, DC, is the national organization for free clinics across the USA.  See

Looking for local and lowcost healthcare? The website covers the seven counties in Southeast Michigan. Find all kinds of health resources, including free clinics, vision and dental services.